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Panasonic Electronic Boards

Slim Design

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The VC-C4/VC-C4R cameras are superior solutions to your webcasting, monitoring, or any other scene needing a remotely controlled pan/tilt/zoom camera.

VC-C4 / VC-C4R are equipped with a 16x zoom lens, the highest zoom ratio of its class.



VC-C4 is equipped with a mechanism that allows coverage of a wide shooting area with high-speed, steady and precise camera movement.

Canon's newly development signal processing IC has made superior brightness control, color reproduction and precise focal control possible. Signals from the 470,000 pixel CCD undergo digital signal processing and are reproduced as gradated, rich, smooth images.

Ceiling-mount model

VC-C4R is an inverted ceiling-mount version of the VC-C4, designed to meet the increasing demand for surveillance equipment.









The Video Visualizer RE-450X takes imaging to new heights. Featuring razor sharp XGA resolution, advanced automatic exposure and zoom control, and a powerful 12X zoom, the RE-450X gives educators, medical technicians, legal professionals, and business people the ability to display high resolution images suitable for presentation. Study, and analysis. Ideal for Distance Learning, Telemedicine, Presentations, 3-D Imaging, and Videoconferencing, the RE-450X provides easy, flawless performance.

The RE-450X can effectively capture and display documents, 3-D objects, photographs, slides, and X-rays. Twin fluorescent lamps provide uniform light to view even the smallest detail. In addition, the RE-450X has an innovative feature that optimizes the clarity of white paper documents. Beneath its base, lies a color-corrected light box, perfect for viewing slides and transparencies. With the press of a button, a high-quality still image can be temporarily stored in memory, and displayed on a projector or monitor.

A compact, folding design makes the RE-450X portable enough to carry anywhere. All necessary controls are located on the front, making adjustments quick and easy.

eBeam Projection
A compact, portable, and easy to use device that turns your wall or whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard.

Attach the eBeam receiver to any flat surface, aim your projector and away you go. The entire system weighs less than a pound and can be set-up and calibrated by anyone in a matter of minutes. The three included mounting brackets give you the flexibility to mount it on just about any surface, so you can have an interactive whiteboard wherever you go.
An interactive stylus that behaves like a mouse. The small, lightweight, and comfortable pen includes left-click, right-click, and a special button for accessing the innovative on-screen tool palettes.
After countless hours of research and experimentation, our designers decided to put a spin on the traditional toolbar and created a unique circular interface that provides all the tools for eBeam Interact Software that you need most. These revolutionary tool palettes customize themselves to whatever you are doing on your computer, whether navigating programs, annotating software applications, or presenting dynamic PowerPoint® presentations. A dedicated button on the stylus allows you to snap the palette to wherever you need it or hide it when you don’t.

eBeam Whiteboard
No more tripping over unwieldy cables connecting your physical whiteboard with the computer. Bluetooth wireless technology makes it possible.

Simply attach the eBeam receiver to your whiteboard (up to 8ft x 4ft or 2.40m by 1.20m) and plug it into the nearest power outlet. Launch your Bluetooth management software on your computing device and connect to the board.

eBeam Whiteboard converters are extremely portable and install in minutes. Using your existing equipment and upgrading it for the digital workflow at the office or in the classroom is not only cost-effective but supplies the user with greater mobility and increases productivity.

Also included with eBeam Whiteboard is eBeam System Software. This incredible piece of software makes meetings, presentations, classrooms, and brainstorming sessions more efficient and much, much easier.

eBeam Complete

eBeam Complete includes a single eBeam Receiver, eBeam Projection’s Interactive Stylus, and eBeam Whiteboard’s four color-coded marker sleeves and eraser. This package allows you to choose whether you want to turn your existing whiteboard into either a fully-featured interactive whiteboard or an online-capable copyboard.

System3 Receiver
Interactive Stylus
Digital Marker Sleeves
Digital Eraser
WB Software CD

An Interactive Whiteboard without the board.
The small, lightweight, and comfortable pen includes left-click, right-click, and a special button for accessing the innovative on-screen tool palettes.

eBeam Projection can turn any projected image into a digital workspace whether it’s shined on a whiteboard or a flat, blank wall. The Interactive Stylus becomes like a mouse and lets you control your entire computer from the front of the room. The powerful eBeam Interact software includes eBeam Scrapbook, a unique application that combines the most popular features from the most popular software titles.

A copyboard that more than just "copies."
eBeam Whiteboard with eBeam Software captures all of your dry erase marker notes straight to your computer, where they can be broadcast online in real-time to anyone with an Internet connection. Once saved to your computer, the notes can be edited, printed, or e-mailed.


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